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Perhaps It is its depth and stillness, its power or its beauty that calls us to explore.

Often, we think of the sea as a place for recreation, family, sun, fun, swimming and fishing, but I am sure that what attracts you to the sea is her soul; her healing powers and your desire to feel one with her.

The sea calls to us asking us to feel the wind in our hair, the salt on our skin — dive in, dive deep.

You’ve probably been boating alongside someone for years; dependent on someone else’s idea of boating. You probably know your way around a boat, know how to start it, go forward, back, fuel up and stow the life jackets. You wouldn’t necessarily call yourself a “boater”.

But taking the helm in your own brave way and keeping your kids and shipmates safe is another thing entirely.

Learning from your husband, boyfriend or dad is not necessarily ideal because, as women, we learn differently. We have our own ideals of boating safely and what captaining a vessel should “look” like. We want to feel as confident in our boat as we do in our car.

The She’s At Sea Online Boating Academy teaches you everything you need to know about your boat, boating safely and navigating the ocean on your own terms.

We’ve made it possible to have a friendly female captain (that’s me) right on board with you teaching you at the pace YOU feel comfortable learning at.

The Online Boating Academy is made up of 4 modules filled with images, video, demonstration, slides and worksheets. No matter your learning style, you can take the device-friendly Online Boating Academy with you on your boat and follow along live. Working through the worksheets creates a manual for what you’ve learned and commits your work to memory.

I take you through land lessons and sea sessions in a cohesive, logical order that build upon one another and help you feel comfortable and capable behind the wheel with your new-found skills.



  • 4 weeks of online boating instruction that you can watch on your smartphone, tablet or laptop; on board or on land.
  • A beautiful Captain’s Log of printable worksheets, charts and resources to create your own on-board operating manual
  • Unlimited access to our private Facebook group of Seaworthy Women gathered to support one another on their journey

Just imagine how accomplished you’ll feel when you complete your first float plan, with the ability to read a chart, set out to sea and get your family home safely.

Sure, She’s At Sea gives you all the skills you’ll ever need to boat intelligently and safely, but our mission is to instill empowerment and self-reliance in all women who desire to be one with the sea. Women who wish to maximize their investment in their vessel and who DON’T want to be dependent on someone else to enjoy the ocean. Our children watch everything we do as a map for how to live their own lives and your courage, curiosity and determination puts the wind in their sails to approach life in the same curious and courageous way.

Put a captain alongside you as you release your boating fears and set out to conquer the ocean with courage and confidence.

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